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The Gift of Life

We had the privilege of spending 9 days in Haiti doing various things with the House of Joy Orphanage and the New Christian Church & School of Tabarre. Following God’s leading to make this trip, I went in open to receive whatever God had for our team as well as the Haitians we had the privilege of meeting there. I was overwhelmed with the joy the girls shared with us.

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Trusting the Process

A few months back, I was speaking with the mother of one of our students after a performance, and we were going over the experience. In our discussion, she mentioned the Matheny Manifesto as a contributing factor to how she approaches her daughter’s dance instruction. Her attitude was so positive and refreshing…

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Coming Down the Mountain

When students come back to class, it is fun to hear about summer highlights. Maybe it was a summer camp, a mission trip, a sports camp, or a great family vacation. We might feel forever changed by our experience but now those mountaintop moments are behind us and daily life has returned…

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A Chance To Dance

The 11th annual ‘Chance to Dance’ concert was held April 8th, 2017, and MKS was excited to be a part of the show! Miss Karin made all of the connections happen, as prior to moving to Lake St. Louis, she lived in St. Joseph and taught at The Dance Arts Center. Eight of the Soul Sisters and Faithful Friends travelled from O’Fallon to St. Joe (270 miles)…

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Comparison in Dance and Life

It is all too easy to compare other people’s highlight reels to our personal behind the scenes. “Do I compare my talents, my accomplishments, or even my belongings to other people’s?” I am often surprised at what is revealed…

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I remember sitting there, and the girl was hardly moving. Her face, her heart – they said everything that needed to be said. It was clear that she did not have extensive, if any, formal dance training…

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After all these years investing hours and days searching through iTunes looking for just the right music for each class for the Dance Concert, I still think it is fun. The music is out there. It may take a little extra work to find something that fits our theme just right, but it is satisfying to find something that also complements the dancers and the style of dance being performed.

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A large part of our mission is to teach dancers to share their gifts while using appropriate music, movement & costumes. When I say that, I think many people imagine dancers wearing dresses as big as tablecloths and dancing to “Kum Ba Yah.” Instead, year after year, people are surprised at the appropriate, yet in-style costumes our students wear, the variety of good music, and the technical ability and talent that our dancers show at the dance concerts.

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Scarlett the Scarecrow

Here at MKS, we aren’t real big on Halloween in general, but we jump at the chance to put a tutu on a scarecrow! Now you might think that scarecrows are all about protecting crops from winged interlopers, but Scarlett has another thing on her mind–Dance!

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Sun, Sand & Prayers

Just as we ended the 2014-15 Dance Season, where we had focused on putting on God’s Armor, God had plans in the works to take what we had learned and get us ready for the 2015-16 theme of “Prayer.”

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Students who learn how to address their teachers – with healthy respect and realistic expectations – grow into mature adults who can effectively communicate with others.

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Armor vs. Apathy

I had no idea when we first started plans for this year’s theme – Armor of the King – how relevant Armor would be to dance. And yet, the more I study about the armor, the more I realize that we serve in battle at the studio all the time.

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Drudgery & Success

My own daughters, after two weeks of tumbling class, informed me that they could do cartwheels, and my youngest was puzzled that they had to keep doing cartwheels each week, as she had already learned how to do them. With a smile (and a little giggle), I let her know that she would do hundreds of cartwheels during the year and in the coming years as well.

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October is Invite a Friend Month

I have noticed lately, more and more, how important an enriching activity is for kids. With my own children getting older, I see the value of having something to do, to work at, and to achieve in order to keep their minds focused on positive things.

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If you are a Christ-follower, do you ever feel pressure to be perfect? It is easy to believe the lie that we have to somehow measure up to a high standard before we can be useful to God. We experience this same pressure at MKS at times.

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