If you are a Christ-follower, do you ever feel pressure to be perfect?  It is easy to believe the lie that we have to somehow measure up to a high standard before we can be useful to God.  We experience this same pressure at MKS at times.

We desire so much that students would be encouraged, gain confidence and grow in their faith while in classes here.  Although we serve a perfect Lord, we unfortunately fail at times.  We strive to serve God with excellence, but as Miss Heather always reminds me when things do not go the way I had hoped and I fail, “Congratulations – you’re human.”  This is always a fantastic reminder of why I am a Christ-follower in the first place – I’m a sinner in need of a Savior.  What a great and merciful God we serve!

We are thankful for each family and for the opportunity to serve your family – not perfectly – but with humility and grace!