Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, My King Studio enacts the following Policies and Procedures for the 2020 Summer Session based on recommendations and directives from local, state, and federal authorities, including the CDC and other health leaders.

  • Capacity – Due to the guidelines concerning the size of acceptable gatherings and social distancing, there will be a maximum number of students that we will be able to accommodate. The maximum allowed per classroom will be 8 students. These numbers are based on the amount of indoor space that is available along with staffing requirements available, these numbers may increase as the summer progresses.
  • Temperature Checks – Parents are encouraged to do temperature checks prior to coming into class. Please do not send your child to class if they have a temperature of 100 degrees or more.
  • Daily Drop-Off/Pick-Up – Staff Members will meet the Student and the Parent at the front of the building for pick up and drop offs. Drop Off time is the start of your class time and designated Pick Up time is 2-5 minutes before the end of your class time to allow for staff to disinfect studio spaces between classes.  Please be on time to help us keep students with their own classes.
  • Sanitation – Hand Sanitizer will be given to students on their way in and out of the studio. Our restroom sinks will be available for anyone who does not want to use the hand sanitizer.  Please alert our staff upon entry if you would like that option for your child.  We also have air filters running in our studio rooms & lobby.
  • Masks – The wearing of masks by students while entering/exiting the building is optional. Students are not to wear masks while dancing/tumbling unless required by a parent.  Masks are required for parents/guardians in the lobby.
  • Social Distancing – 6 foot squares have been taped off in the studio to allow for freedom of movement, while still maintaining a safe, individual space for each student. The student sections of the floors will be mopped between classes.  Creative ways, including some age-appropriate activities, may be implemented to make the students more aware of the importance and to help them comply with the guidelines.  Dance shoes/bags/water bottles will need to be stored in the studio room near the dancer.  Our dressing room is closed.
  • Behavior Expectation – We will review all rules and regulations prior to the start of every class to ensure a fun and safe experience. If we should observe behavior that concerns the welfare and safety our students, the staff and all involved, we will ask for the behavior to be removed.
  • Lobby Area – Parents or Guardians will be allowed inside the lobby, but with the following stipulations:
    • Parents/Guardians may enter after the students have entered the studio and are in class if it is necessary to be in the building.
    • Social Distancing of 6 feet is required in the lobby area for people in different families.
    • See Mask Policy above.
    • No toys or children’s area tables/chairs will be available in the lobby during the Summer Session. Please do not bring in siblings or other family members unless necessary.
    • Our drinking fountain is closed. Student will need to bring a water bottle from home if they need water during their class time.
  • Protocol Recommendations – My King Studio may modify or waive any policy as it deems necessary and in the best interest of our community’s guidelines and recommendations change due to COVID-19.
  • Possible Missed Class Days – All classes are Non-refundable. Students who are unable to attend in-studio may attend on Zoom. Please contact the Front Desk for Zoom login credentials.  Please log in at class time and no earlier.  Teachers will indicate when class is ending for Zooming students to leave the meeting.  We will not be recording Zoom classes in the summer.
    Missed classes can also be made-up during the Summer Session in a class that has fewer than 8 students and must be scheduled with the Front Desk prior to the make-up class time.
    I also acknowledge that in the event the State or local health department issues a mandatory “Stay at Home” order, or mandates the closure of certain programs and/or facilities, participant(s) will be entitled to a partial credit at the discretion of the studio.