4/22/20 EMAIL – UPDATE for all 19-20 MKS Families

Dear MKS Students & Families,

Please watch this short video for this week’s update – https://youtu.be/ZB3I_HC0mQI



This includes DC Photo Week, Finale/Final Bow Rehearsals, Holidays, Dress Rehearsals, and Dance Concerts.


Zoom meetings have begun for student to connect with teachers and classmates.  It is so wonderful to see the dancers and communicate directly with them!  We have missed all our students so much!  We know that many families are busy with online meetings, schoolwork, work for some parents, and much more!  If your student is unable to attend, we will miss them but understand.  

These meetings are designed to be a source of support for the students who will benefit from this connection and not meant to be a source of stress.  For some students, this may be their only way to reach out into the outside world beyond home right now, and we want to be there for them.  If your student is receiving the support they need in other ways, there is no pressure!

If you have not received your Zoom Meeting invite, please reach out to the MKS Front Desk at [email protected], in BAND by comment or chat, or at 636-978-3321.

April Week 4 Lesson add-on videos will be added to BAND tomorrow!


We are currently executing Plan B right now as we move forward toward the in-studio small group professional recording of the Dance Concert performances.  We are praying about Plan C and will move to something different as our circumstances dictate.  Our ultimate goals are to help keep everyone healthy, keep dancing through the end of the school year, and honor God!  We are excited to start up our Zoom Class Schedule beginning May 4.

Updated Proposed May/June Schedule (Times/Dates may change as needed)

Sun 4/26                          Costume Pick-up at MKS, See the separate email for details.

Week of May 4/11/18/25  Virtual Classes/Rehearsals via Zoom –
These to be right around your regular class time on your regular class day.  There are slight adjustments, as we will be scheduling each class to start on the hour.  Here is a copy of the schedule – 
Week 1 (Week of May 4) will be Costume Week!  Come in your costume!
Week 4 (Week of May 25) will be a Dress Rehearsal with costumes & accessories.  More details to come!

Wed 6/3 – Sun 6/7         In-Studio Dance Concert & Photos Week #1
Wed 6/10 – Sun 6/14     In-Studio Dance Concert & Photos Week #2

1 hour per class – Wed Evening, Thurs/Fri/Sat full days, Sun Afternoon                      

  • Costume Info Sheets with specific class dates/times to come soon – online!
  • Photo Packages will be available for online ordering.
  • All families receive free digital access to the performance that can be shared with family members.
  • Dance Concert Program available online as a pdf.

TBD                                  Outdoor Recording of Show Opener, KD Finale, and Finale


We want to clarify for families who have opted for a 50% tuition decrease or for those who were unable to pay in April and/or May, there is no expectation that tuition will need to be paid back at any point in the future.  

We will continue to invest in our families and students through our work.  We want to be good stewards of our time and finances and are so thankful for the support that you can provide through prayers, encouragement & tuition for those who are able. 


Beginning May 1 and ending May 20, we will be allowing Drops for the 19-20 School Year for any families who wish to opt out of finishing the school year with us.  We have not allowed drops prior to this point, as we still had costumes to hand out, and we needed all student who were originally planning to participate in the Dance Concert to be active in our system.  Beyond that, and more importantly, we do not want any of our students to miss out on finishing with us if at all possible!  Teachers will need to know who is planning to attend or not, however, so that they will have time to plan appropriately.  We hope everyone is able to participate!

2020-21 VIP Enrollment Information – We are looking at mid-May with a modified process from previous years.  Many students have been asking and are ready to receive their recommendation forms.  More details will be coming soon!

I will be sharing a series of short blog posts that will hopefully encourage families & students navigating through pandemic dance life.  These mini-messages will go out via email beginning next week…
No Stress – For Dancers & Their Families
Doing Something Hard – It’s What Dancers Do
Maintaining Perspective – Through Shared Space

Thank you so much!

Jesus Reigns,
Michelle Revelle & the MKS Staff

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