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Watch Week

Please join us for Watch Weeks!

– School Year Watch Weeks happen in September, November, January, and March! – 
– Summer Watch Week is the last week of Summer Session classes! –

See the schedule below for each Studio room!

We invite 1-3 family members/friends to come each Watch Week,
so we have enough seating for each of our student’s caregivers and families. Thanks!

MKS Watch Week FAQ’s & Philosophy

We are very intentional about Watch Weeks here at MKS!

Parents/family members can see the progress that students are making throughout the year.  Just like growth of a child, if you look at them every day, it makes it more difficult to see the height they are gaining from one day to the next.  We are working on new curriculum each month, so it allows for a more objective perspective of their progress.

We also have clear windows installed into each room with blinds that are somewhat see-through.  During non-Watch Weeks, it is possible to be able to at least see the students, although not perfectly clearly, through these blinds.  Having the shades drawn allows for students to be able to focus in on what is happening inside the classroom as well as experiencing the leadership and authority of the instructor.  This promotes order and proper structure of class to allow for freedom of learning and growing for the students.  During Watch Weeks, having clear glass allows the parents to view and also allows the students to have the experience of having an audience that they are aware of and can see.  This helps to prepare the students for the dance concert and other performance experiences in life.  This is a big reason as to why we do not have one-way mirror glass or video feeds between the lobby and classrooms.