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Dance Classes for 8, 9, 10 & 11 Year Olds

We offer dance classes for 8, 9, 10 & 11 year olds nearly every day of the week. We have a spot for you!

2020-21 School Year Classes

5-Week Mini-Sessions

(If there are no classes listed here, we are not currently offering Mini-Sessions for this age group at this time.)

2021 Summer Session Classes

Join us for dance and fun in the summer!  The Summer Session Schedule will be available in March of 2021.

All classes learn dance technique with emphasis on movement concepts such as time, space, and force. This teaches the students not only the steps but also the underlying qualities that make the steps unique! Students may also do improvisational dancing for about 5 minutes as a form of self-expression and/or worship.

Tumbling – Ages 8-11 See below for further details about Tumbling classes.

Ballet & Tap Combo – Ages 8-11 These classes are essential for students who want to develop their skills in ballet and tap technique. Students will focus on learning technique and combinations as well as developing their own sense of movement style and preferences. In the Ballet classes, students also learn the stories of various famous Ballets, helping the stories that have entertained through the decades come to life! This class is offered with Ballet & Tap in combination only, and students have Ballet and Tap classes each week for a half hour each.

Jazz – Ages 8-11 Jazz for the 8 to 11 year old is a class that teaches the basic fundamentals of jazz, hip hop, & lyrical dance. Students will learn the basics of these various styles by doing skills across the floor and a variety of combinations in the center.

Hip Hop – Ages 8-11 Hip Hop is a fusion of street and break dancing. This class includes a warm-up and time spent on choreography that will keep you moving and expressing yourself in a funky new way!

Musical Theatre – Ages 5-Teen Musical Theatre is a great class for budding performers!  The combination of singing, acting, and dancing develops well-rounded artists.  Students will learn necessary dance skills and partnering, the art of emoting and “dacting” – dancing/acting, as well as singing skills, all of which will help them on stage, in dance class, and in life.

Dance Team/Poms – Ages 8-11 The students in dance team/poms will have a warm-up that incorporates cardio, stretching, conditioning, and basic dance technique that is used in dance team routines.  The students will also learn mini-routines in the styles of pom, hip-hop, kick, and jazz.  This class will also focus on the purpose of a dance team, team relationships, leadership and audience.  We are really looking forward to preparing our dancers who plan on joining dance teams to be leaders who will stand for integrity and be positive role models among their peers!

TUMBLING CLASS INFORMATION Ages 3 – Teen – Basic gymnastic tumbling skills are taught in a fun & safe atmosphere. Necessary flexibility and strength training ensure safe and proper progression of skills. – A variety of mats including skill shapes, panel mats, low balance beams, and mini-tramp are used along with some rhythmic gymnastic apparatus such as ribbons and hoops. – Special preschool sized equipment is used for the smaller sized child. Beginning students concentrate on basic gymnastic positions, forward and backward rolls, backbend bridge, headstands, cartwheels, handstands. Intermediate skills include 1-hand cartwheels, front and back limbers and walkovers, and roundoffs. Advanced options are available for those students ready to learn the front and back handspring.

DANCE CONCERT INFORMATION Children ages 8-11 perform in the Dance Concert at the end of the school year unless otherwise specified by a parent or guardian – please see the Front Desk. For Ages 8-11 Ballet/Tap Classes, only one of the two dance styles will feature a routine in the Dance Concert at one of the two performance times. Please see the schedule in the Dance Concert Packet to see which classes will have a performance this year and at which show.