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Dance Classes for ages 9-11 & 11-13

Placement Tips:

  • IGNITE 1 is well-suited for students who are 9 and 10 year old at the beginning of the session.  If it is later in a session, if a student is still working on the mastery phase of this level, and/or if students prefer to be with students who are a bit younger, 11 year old students are welcome! 
  • IGNITE 2 is appropriate for students who are 11 and 12 year old at the start of the session.  If it is later in a session, if a student is still working on the mastery phase of this level, and/or if students prefer to be with students who are a bit younger, 13 year old students are welcome!
  • We are happy to help you navigate this decision if you would like!  You call 636-978-3321 or email us at [email protected].

2023-24 School Year Classes
Enrollment for the School Year is now open!  We would love for you to join us!


IGNITE – Ages 9-11 & 11-13


Often recognized as a foundation for learning the art of dance, Ballet helps to improve one’s sense of coordination and balance, encourages self-discipline, and increases strength, flexibility, and agility.  Students will learn Ballet technique using the Vaganova Method- a well thought out system of teaching Classical Ballet that creates dancers with beautiful lines and prepares students for professional experience.


Tap is a truly American dance form!  Using the Diane Gudat teaching system, students will learn the technique of Tap dancing through Tap terminology, music theory, exploration of rhythm patterns, and learning how to use your feet as percussive instruments.  Both improvisation and choreographed material will be used during instruction.  Bring on those happy feet!


Jazz hands anyone?  From Broadway to kick lines, from Lyrical to Funk, Jazz dance uses body isolations, stylized walks, kicks, turns, and a variety of music to get you moving.  Through a safe and fun progression of technique, this is a great way to stretch yourself, expand your skill set, and tone those muscles.  

Hip Hop

From “old school” to the latest trends, this class covers Hip Hop technique, isolations, appropriate choreography, and Christian Hip Hop music – all in an encouraging, fun environment.  This class will have you grooving and dancing everywhere you go!

Ballet Technique

Want to improve and grow in Ballet technique?  Using the Vaganova method, dancers work at the barre, across the floor, and in the center on new combinations every month.  This class gives students time for heightened body awareness, builds strength, and challenges dancers to their best possible technique.   A wonderful supplement to any Ballet class, especially for dancers with goals to be on pointe.  *No Dance Concert performance for this class.

Modern/Contemporary (ages 12+)

Modern dance began in the early 20th century as a rebellion against the rules of ballet. Today the term modern dance has intertwined with the term Contemporary to include a broad range of styles. Focusing on the techniques of Modern and Contemporary dance visionaries, dancers will grow in grace, strength, self-expression, and improvisation. It is very popular in university programs and performance companies.

Musical Theatre Dance

Focusing on the must-have dance skills for musical theater performance, this class covers the basics of Ballet, Tap, and Jazz technique. A great class for actors and singers to gain confidence in dancing.  Be ready to WOW the directors at that next audition! *No Dance Concert performance for this class.