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Dance Classes for 3, 4 & 5 Year Olds

2021 Summer Session Classes

Join us for dance and fun in the summer!  Enrollment is now open!

2021-22 School Year Classes

Enrollment for the upcoming 2021-22 School Year is now open with $10 off your family’s registration fee now through Sept 14!

Extra Steps Offerings

(If there are no classes listed here, check back later for Extra Steps offerings for this age group!)


Creative Dance/Ballet

Has your child dreamed of being a dancer?  In this class, students learn the fundamental characteristics of movement through dance games and Ballet technique.  Dancers will learn about time, space, force, and music in addition to their Ballet steps during all activities.  This teaches the students not only the steps but also the underlying qualities that make the steps unique! Classes may also include improvisational dancing as a form of self-expression and/or worship.  This is considered a Creative Movement/Pre-Ballet course.

Tumble Hop

For your energetic little movers, this upbeat class combines the strength and coordination of Tumble with the fun movement of Hip Hop.  Your Little Sunbeam will light the stage with his or her new skills and budding performer confidence.  A wonderful exploration of major motor skills and high energy movement!