4/28/20 EMAIL UPDATE – Heart-to-Heart with Ms. Michelle & Upcoming Events…

Good afternoon MKS Students & Families,

Click this link for a quick update and Heart-to-Heart message from Ms. Michelle https://youtu.be/_9eSKSnY2Gk

A lot of information has been heading your way as we continue to figure out our next steps.  I will try to give this week’s update in a condensed version that will also hopefully answer some of our more recent FAQs:

Zoom MEETINGS are now done and will not happen again, as that was a one time event for each class over the last 2 weeks.

Zoom CLASSES will begin next week on Monday, May 4!  We adjusted the 19-20 School Year Schedule so that each class will start on the hour on your regular class day.  Each class will meet 1x/week for 4 weeks at the following times – Click the pdf to see the Schedule: May_Zoom_ClassRehearsals4families.pdf

We will email out your new Zoom Class Schedule (with Zoom Mtg IDs and Passwords) in the next few days once we have those set up in our system.

COSTUME PICK UP – We will be available in the studio this week at the following times if you still need to pick up your costume:

Wed 4/29 9:30-10:30 AM
Thurs 4/30 4-7 PM

DANCE CONCERT PLANS – as of now!  We are still working toward Plan B – details below…

  • We will do an in-studio professional recording of each class with lighting and a small backdrop.  We are dismantling part of Studio C to convert the large studio into a video recording studio!
  • Students will come in 1 class at a time for 1 hour during the first 2 weeks of June.  The schedule should be available by next week!
  • Students will be in full costume, with hair done and wearing the amount of make-up your student would need for photos.  Costume Info Sheets to come soon!
  • We will take a group photo, and families can purchase a package of individual photos.  Photo online order information to come soon!
  • Students will have time to rehearse/prepare as a class with their instructor, as well as go over formations/blocking, before the video will be taken.
  • The videos will be put together into a full performance that can be watched as a production.  All participating families will receive free digital access to the performance that can be shared with family members.  This is what a portion of your Dance Concert Fee will be used for this year, in addition to all of the other costs involved with the production and staffing.
  • The Dance Concert Program will be available online as a pdf that you can print, share and keep!
  • FINALE SHIRTS are not yet in.  Please be sure to share your size here if you have not yet done so – https://forms.gle/wG6DdcxTTUyoYV5M6   We will hand out the shirts at the time of the Finale performance.  More details to come regarding that as well!

Essentially we have a lot of new plans and much work to do yet!  I had been working toward our Plan A since last summer, and now that we have pivoted and are headed toward Plan B, we are working very hard to get everything ready!  Thank you for your patience with us!

We continue to pray for you and your family and are excited to see our students in Zoom classes starting next Monday!

Check out this mini blog post on our Facebook page about NO STRESS! FOR MKS DANCERS AND THEIR FAMILIES – https://tinyurl.com/ybhobq9r


Jesus Reigns,
Michelle Revelle & the MKS Staff