EMAIL for MKS Families – MKS May 2020 Zoom Class Info – Starts Monday 5/4 & WEEK 1 is Costume Week!

Dear MKS Dancers & Families,

We are so excited to begin dancing with our students in real time once again!  We will meet on Zoom for 4 weeks beginning the week of May 4 and ending May 30.  Each class starts on the hour.

Please see your schedule below for your May Zoom Class Day/Time/Meeting ID & Password located in your Class Name.

The Week of May 4 is “Costume Week!”  Students are invited to come to class wearing their costume for the first part of class.  The students will then need to go off-screen to put on their regular dance attire. 

We encourage students to be in dress code as is possible to allow for safety and freedom of movement.  No tap shoes should be worn.  Students will also need a safe space to practice.  Teachers will be flexible!

Go to, enter the class Meeting ID and Password to join, and teachers will allow students in through the waiting room (added layer of security).  If you are having difficulty joining a class, please contact the Front Desk at 636-978-3321, as they will be working and available to help during Zoom class times as well.

[SCHEDULE APPEARS HERE for your student(s) in your email]

If your student is unable to attend a virtual class, please let us know by email at [email protected] or give us a call at 636-978-3321.

We will be emailing class recordings to each class for any students who are unable to attend.  They can then watch/participate with the recording as a “make-up class.”  In order to maintain security, these recordings will only be sent to students for their particular class.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Jesus Reigns,
Michelle Revelle & the MKS Staff