I am always so thankful when a customer shares with me encouragement about something they appreciate about My King Studio.  Equally as important are the constructive comments about concerns.  It is true that we cannot fix a problem if we are unaware of it.  I appreciate the time that people take to help make MKS a great place to be.

Communication goes beyond just the pros and cons of our everyday experiences, though.  Communication between students and teachers is so important too!  We want our students to be encouraged and challenged.  We want our students to grow in skill and also in confidence.  Students who learn how to address their teachers – with healthy respect and realistic expectations – grow into mature adults who can effectively communicate with others.

Parents who model this communication by talking with teachers and staff about what may be going on with a student – issues at home, injuries, reasons for absences, etc. – help us to better serve the student.  When we know where a child is coming from when they walk in the door, we can meet them there.

Dance has such a healing power.  It has the ability to allow students to enter into a safe place where they can shed the problems from the day.  Dance allows students to physically release the “yuckiness” of life, even in just 45 minutes or an hour.  I can remember countless days of entering the dance studio feeling terrible, and then leaving refreshed and ready for another day.

Thank you for taking the time to communicate with us, so we can help our students to enjoy dance (and life!) to the fullest!