Can a Few Flowers Make the World a Better Place?

It’s a great idea to give flowers to your dancer after their recital, and sometimes giving flowers has more impact than you’d expect.

The first full weekend of June is usually a beautiful weekend–with temperatures in the 80s, blue skies, and endless days for the kids. By then Summer, in attitude if not in season, has begun.

Every year on this weekend, My King Studio holds it annual Dance Concert. It is a busy time, merging excitement along with teamwork and a bit of anxiety. In parallel with this event though, there is always a sideline. Flowers.

It is a tradition that every year parents and family buy flowers for their dancer and present them at the end of the show as a way of saying “Great Job!” Obviously, flowers are available at lots of places, from the local florist to a neighbor’s front yard (Not Recommended). But MKS always has another option. Each year a local group coordinates flower sales to benefit a cause. In years past, they have benefitted a Boy Scout Troop, provided mosquito nets to prevent Malaria in Africa, benefitted the Churchill School in Town & Country, helped to provide running water and sanitation to a village in Africa, and helped out a local family struggling with a child going blind. (seriously–those last two links are worth a click…)

This year, the flower sales are being led by the Christian Middle School Dance team to raise funds for their program. Please be encouraged to preorder by May 17th at this link, or buy some flowers at the venue. It’s a great way to bless your dancer while blessing others also!