Just as we ended the 2014-15 Dance Season, where we had focused on putting on God’s Armor, God had plans in the works to take what we had learned and get us ready for the 2015-16 theme of “Prayer.”

My mom, sister, niece, my two daughters, and I headed to the beach for a week of fun, sun, and sand. For the last few years, we have taken a girls’ trip right after Dance Concert to decompress from the excitement of the performance weekend and to get re-fueled for the upcoming year. We had a beautiful start to the week for the most part. The weather was beautiful, we were a short walk from the beach and we were happy to be on vacation!

My sister, unfortunately, was suffering from migraines all week. This was not abnormal for her to have headaches, but it really put a damper on the fun for her. She rested, and we all prayed she would be feeling better soon.

On the last day, she slipped on some steps and had a fall. I sent an email to my church family asking for prayers, not really knowing how serious this was. After the trauma of the fall, she went to the ER in Florida. They released her, and the next day, we tried to make the trip home. We made it as far as Kentucky, and she stayed at a hospital there for 4 days, while they tried to determine what was going on. We continued to pray, to seek God’s wisdom, to trust Him when things were scary and unknown. We know now that she has blood clots in her brain and that the blood thinners they have put her on are working to dissolve those clots in order to relieve the pressure in her brain. Luckily, she did not suffer a stroke, although the condition she is recovering from mimics that. Her vision is still impaired, though, and we continue to pray that God will bring complete healing to her eyes.

We see God’s hand in all of the craziness we went through. We praise Him for protecting my sister from a worse outcome. We seek Him for answers to the questions we still have. We trust Him to be faithful.

My prayer life has been kick-started this year, and I pray that whatever God has in store for each of our families and dancers, He will be glorified in and through all of these circumstances. The staff prayed collectively in August for our students and families, and I know that we will continue to be in prayer for each of you.

Share your prayer requests at the studio soon – be looking for the prayer cards in the Lobby… To God be the glory!