My pastor attended the Dance Concert a couple years ago, and even as someone who loves music, was surprised at the variety of good Christian music that was sampled at the show.  In another instance earlier this school year, I talked with someone new to the faith about Hip Hop music by Christian artists, and her expectation was something akin to monks chanting.  It is curious to me how foreign faith-centered music can seem.  There is such a wide variety of rap, folk, jazz, pop, R&B, rock, punk (and pretty much any style you can imagine) available in addition to the praise and worship music that is played on Joy FM.  Some of these less known music styles can be heard on Boost, and all of these genres are on Pandora and iTunes.

After all these years investing hours and days searching through iTunes looking for just the right music for each class for the Dance Concert, I still think it is fun.  The music is out there.  It may take a little extra work to find something that fits our theme just right, but it is satisfying to find something that also complements the dancers and the style of dance being performed.

I am responsible for finding music that will be uplifting to our students – who hear the songs over and over and over – and also to each member of our audience in June.  I want to say something meaningful with the music (and dance) that will hopefully speak to our students and someone in the audience in a positive and encouraging way.

When I questioned my pastor and the young woman above about their perceptions of music that conveys a spiritual message, they both used the word “refreshing.”  They spoke of music that talked about real and sometimes heavy things, yet was interesting, positive & uplifting.  That is refreshing!