As a recovering perfectionist, I continue to work on being content in my current circumstances.  With that being said, I have learned and continue to witness the benefit of the “Little Things.”  Small improvements here and there, like touching up paint in my kids’ bedrooms every so often (instead of repainting the whole house) or wiping down just one shelf in the fridge (instead of cleaning the entire thing at once) can make a big difference.  With a busy schedule, it’s easy for me to write things off until I “have more time” or wait until the moment “is perfect.”  Learning to let go and do what I can manage at the time (and be okay with that!) is huge!
Getting ready for the dance year each summer has taught me some of these lessons.  As we paint, clean, refinish floors, organize and freshen up our decor for the coming year, I see that newness in the “Little Things.”  As the MKS Staff spends time looking at the “Little Things” – the details of class structures, curriculum, teaching philosophies, and more – I see the benefits of always working to improve.  Regularly making seemingly small improvements in our teaching styles and our customer service helps our students and hopefully all of our families to have a great experience at MKS!
As you watch your dancer (or yourself) grow this year, it will be amazing to see – month by month – the “Little Things” add up and then be displayed at the concert next year…  Confidence, technique, leadership, musicality, faith, and friendship – just to name a few – may be the areas in which you see your dancer grow.  We hope that you will be blessed this year at MKS!  Thank you for dancing and tumbling with us!