Mon 3/16/20 – EMAIL to all 19-20 Families: MKS Conversion to Online Education Today, Mon 3/16 – Fri 4/3 & other News

Dear MKS Families & Students,

It is surreal to be sitting here preparing this message to you in light of how quickly so much in our world has changed.  We will be closing our physical facility from classes today, Mon 3/16 through Fri 4/3.  Fortunately we have already moved our Spring Break into this time, making this only 2 weeks of missed in-person classes.

That being said, I met with the MKS Staff yesterday evening, and we have much hope in the days to come, even in light of the uncertainty that faces us.  We are committed to continuing to offer your family a dance education experience that is positive & encouraging during this time and tapping into our creativity in order to offer you value even now.

WHAT THIS LOOKS LIKE for the next 3 weeks – 

• SETTING UP BAND – We are in the process of setting up BANDs for the different age groups/levels of classes offered at MKS.  (We have been using BAND for the Kingdom Dancers ministry for the last 2 years with great success!  It is like a private facebook page for a specific group.)
• ONLINE VIDEOS – We will include videos of dance concert choreography and online class videos, along with any other helpful links and notifications in order to stay in communication with our classes. • INVITES SENT – You will be sent an invite link to join the BAND(s) associated with your student(s).
• SIGN UP/DOWNLOAD – Please download the app at the app store or sign up for an account here –
• CONNECT – Families will be able to connect with instructors and the Front Desk staff via BAND, through our email [email protected] and over the phone 636-978-3321.

Please allow us this week to get all BANDs set up and have content loaded with more details & specifics.  We are excited to dance with you and will all be working hard behind the scenes to connect soon!

LOOKING FORWARD beyond this time of social distancing – 

We are hoping that our diligence will be rewarded with improved health outcomes for our community!

• We will reevaluate our plans in early April and keep you updated along the way.
• We are continuing our preparation of recommendation forms to be mailed out later this month in preparation for VIP Early Enrollment for the 2020-21 dance year.  
• We will also be working with anticipation on all things Dance Concert – routines, costumes, planning, and more!  🙂


• For now, we are planning to continue dance education online, offering our students the best experience we can given the circumstances.  
• I will be evaluating any changes to tuition if needed going forward.  It is too early to make any changes at this point, and in order to facilitate all of these online connections, please know that all of the staff will be working hard in the virtual world.  
• Because we are also walking forward in faith toward the Dance Concert, we will not be issuing any refunds for Costumes or the Dance Concert Fee for the time being.  We will reevaluate continually and keep you informed as we move through this.

Thank you for patiently walking beside us!  We are so thankful for the amazing support of our families and know this is a temporary interruption.  We are in prayer for all of our families and students and will continue to be every day.  Please know that the entire staff is so thankful for each of you – our students & families – and we are heartbroken to be physically apart for this time.  We look forward with anticipation to the time when we will all be together again and are thankful for the online opportunities to stay connected in the meantime.

Keep an eye on your email for more details to come.   Sending much love & continued prayers from all of us!

Jesus Reigns,
Michelle Revelle
The MKS Front Desk, Office & Maintenance Staff – Ally, Cindy, Laura, Shelley, Kathy & Mike
The MKS Instructors & Subs – Amanda, Dawn, Emily, Heather, Jaime, Kathryn, Kim, Laura, Marie, Megan, Olga, Shayla, Stefanie & Vicki