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Jesus Reigns at MKS!


My King Studio needs your help – with something fun!

1. Gather the family together and make a dance based on the following boxes below. 
These dance sentences were created by our lovely Staff and Teachers.
-OR- Create your own dance sentence to use!  Details at the bottom of the page.

2. Pick your box, make up those dance moves and put it to your favorite upbeat music. 
Videos should be about 15-30 seconds.

3. Send your videos to My King Studio email

We will post the Videos on Facebook and VOTE!

The video with the most votes wins!
Every human in the Winning Video will receive a
My King Studio “Living the Life” T-Shirt!

Due Date is Saturday, May 16th!

Here’s an example with Ms. Stefanie and her Pug, Frank dancing out Ms. Michelle’s dance sentence “Finding Joy Together.”

Made By: Ms. Michelle

Title: Finding Joy Together

Made By: Ms. Jaime

Title: What Happens During

Quarantine at Home

Made By: Ms. Dawn

Title: Cheering through the Rain!

Made By: Ms. Stefanie

Title: Life by the Laptop

Made By: Ms. Megan

Title: Rainy Day

Made By: Ms. Kathryn

Title: Planting an Orchard

Made By: Ms. Shayla

Title: Life with Little Boys

Made By: Ms. Olga

Title: Classwork pending Graduation

Made By: Ms. Marie

Title: Baking

Made By: Ms. Dawn

Title: Silly Wiggle

You can even make your own dance sentence using the FREE “Dancemaker” app!

Click to the RIGHT for a TUTORIAL VIDEO – it’s super quick & easy to learn & use! –>

Click BELOW to DOWNLOAD THE APP.  Have fun creating!