3/27/20 EMAIL to 19-20 MKS Families – MKS Extended Building Closure & Upcoming April Lessons!

Dear MKS Families & Dancers,


We sure miss dancing with you in the studio – we miss your smiling faces, watching you grow, and connecting with families!  We are praying for everyone – for good physical, mental, & emotional health.  We are so thankful & humbled to have the opportunity to help dancers and their families continue to move forward with optimism & hope!

The MKS in-studio classes will continue to be postponed until April 24.  As always, we will continue to re-evaluate and keep you posted on potential future changes.


We hope you are enjoying practicing your dances and routines with us to finish out March!  At this point in the dance year, most classes are spending the majority of their class time learning, cleaning, & perfecting Dance Concert routines, so we are glad you all have a few weeks to settle into practicing and continuing to learn at home.

For all classes without a routine, we hope you are staying active and strong with warm-ups, conditioning & stretching!


We are excited for this opportunity to cover MORE technical material than we typically would with you through BAND in April!  We have also heard of a number of families using dance as their “P.E. class” during this time of “homeschooling,” and we are excited about the opportunity to help out families in that way too!  We are busy behind the scenes creating videos of our April lesson plans (with heavy-duty social distancing & lots of disinfecting!) that will be uploaded to BAND once a week in April.  The lesson plans will look like this –

WEEK 1 – The majority of the class content for April (what we would typically cover in Week 1 at the studio, plus a little more!)

WEEK 2 – Practice your WEEK 1 Video + A new step/skill/activity for this month will be introduced

WEEK 3 – Practice your WEEK 1 & 2 Videos + SONG ANALYSIS WEEK for all classes in Dance Concert! (Classes without a dance will have an additional step/skill/activity instead.)

WEEK 4 – Practice your WEEK 1 & 2 Videos + A new step/skill/activity for this month will be introduced

+ DANCE CONCERT ROUTINES – In addition to these lessons, students should be practicing their Dance Concert routines EVERY WEEK as well!

+ VERSE OF THE MONTH – I will also be sending out a video for our VERSE of the MONTH to review each week & memorize!  🙂  

Many of our students/families are on BAND already (woo hoo!), and for all who are not yet, there is still time to jump in!  Check your email from 3/23/20 for your invite link to the specific BAND that is appropriate for your child(ren).

We will see you next week on BAND – can’t wait!  Sending our love and prayers!

Jesus Reigns,

Michelle Revelle & the MKS Staff
– MKS Front Desk, Office & Maintenance Staff: Ally, Cindy, Laura, Shelley, Kathy & Mike
– MKS Instructors & Subs: Amanda, Dawn, Emily, Heather, Jaime, Kathryn, Kim, Laura, Marie, Megan, Olga, Shayla, Stefanie, & Vicki

ALL emails/communications regarding MKS during the COVID-19 partial closure can be found on our website here – https://mykingstudio.com/covid-19/