3/25/20 EMAIL – April Tuition Info & Delayed VIP 2020-21 Early Enrollment

Dear MKS Families,


It continues to be a wild ride of uncertainty, hope, prayers, and trusting in God’s plan.  We are so thankful to be in community with YOU during this time.  When we opened the BANDs up this past Monday, we were overwhelmed with gratitude to be part of such an amazing, encouraging group of dancers and their families – thank you!

It is our hope that dance will continue to be a part of helping our students to have a sense of familiarity when life is unfamiliar and normalcy as we navigate our “new normal.”  We understand the many changes that are already happening for school and work.


That being said, we know everyone’s situation is different.  Some families may have an adult that is able to continue to work, while others may not.  I, Michelle Revelle, am committed to continue to employ all of our staff members – Instructors & Front Desk Staff – through this, as is possible.

The staff has been working with me to make the conversion to online class options possible, and we are committed to continue to offer the joy and normalcy that dance brings until this passes – to EVERY STUDENT.  We have already begun to work on creating more content for the BANDs.  I do not want any of our students to miss out on anything we are doing for the remainder of the dance year!  

We are also looking at creative options for Dance Concert as well.  “The show must go on!”  The students have been working so hard, and we want to provide them their time to shine!


In order to balance the continued costs of running a successful studio program for our students, continue to employ the awesome MKS Staff, and recognize the financial changes your family may be facing right now, here are the options that we are offering for APRIL 5.  We are giving 3 options, just a like a traffic light – Go! Slow Down! or Stop!

OPTION 1 – OKAY FOR APRIL:  If your family can continue with the current tuition amount for your dancer(s), you do not have to contact us with any changes to your account.

OPTION 2 – 50% FOR APRIL:  If your family has been affected financially, but you can still contribute 50% of the tuition amount for your dancer(s), please REPLY TO THIS EMAIL WITH YOUR DANCER’S FULL NAME and let us know that you would like OPTION 2 – 50% FOR APRIL.

OPTION 3 – ON HOLD FOR APRIL:  If your family has been affected financially, and you need to put your account on hold for now, please REPLY TO THIS EMAIL WITH YOUR DANCER’S FULL NAME and let us know that you would like OPTION 3 – ON HOLD FOR APRIL.

Regardless of the option that you choose, all online videos & classes will be available to you.

Please email back (reply to this email or to my_king_studio@hotmail.com) to let us know NO LATER THAN NEXT WED 4/1 if you would like us to make changes to your tuition amount for APRIL.  We WILL respond back to you via email.  If you do NOT get an email back from us, please call us at 636-978-3321.

If you have paid ANNUALLY and need assistance making changes to your account, please reply to this email and let us know.

We will continue to re-assess the situation as April progresses and send out information regarding May Tuition near the end of April.


We know that many families have been praying for all of the Students, Families, & Staff of MKS.  Thank you!  Please join us in continuing to pray for God to work through us all, that MKS can be a light to our community!


In an additional effort to help families sort out their financial situations during all of this, we have decided to delay our VIP Early Enrollment for the 2020-21 School Year (originally scheduled for April 1-7) for our current families to May 1-7 instead.  We will be mailing out Recommendation Forms, along with the 2020-21 School Year Schedule at the end of April instead of the end of March.  Thank you for your patience as we do our best to keep everything available to all of our families.

We appreciate everyone’s efforts in helping us to continue to serve God through dance and tumbling!  Thank you again for being a part of the MKS family!

Jesus Reigns,
Michelle Revelle & the MKS Staff