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Class Descriptions

Ballet Lessons 63366


Ballet is great for anyone to get in shape while learning the art of dance.  Ballet helps to improve one’s sense of coordination and balance, encourage self-discipline, and increase strength, flexibility, and agility.  Ballet is a great base from which to learn other styles of dance.  Students will learn ballet technique using the Vaganova Method.

Contemporary Dance Dardenne Prairie, Missouri


 Modern dance began in the early 20th century as a rebellion against the rules of ballet. Today the term modern dance has intertwined with the term Contemporary and includes a broad range of styles, and is very popular in dance studios, university programs, and performances. Contemporary dance training provides grace, strength, and control, and also provides tools for self-expression.

Musical Theater O Fallon, MO

Musical Theatre

 Musical Theatre is a great class for budding performers!  The combination of singing, acting, and dancing develops well-rounded artists.  Students will learn necessary dance skills and partnering, the art of emoting and “dacting” – dancing/acting, as well as singing skills, all of which will help them on stage, in dance class, and in life.


Tap Dancing St. Peters, Missouri


Tap is a truly American dance form.  Students will learn the technique of tap dancing and increase their sense of musicality as it relates to rhythms.  Improvisation along with choreographed material will be used during instruction.

Tumbling Class 63368


Students concentrate on basic gymnastic positions, forward and backward rolls, backbend bridge, headstands, cartwheels, handstands. Intermediate skills include 1-hand cartwheels, front and back limbers and walkovers, and roundoffs. Advanced options are available for those students ready to learn the front and back handspring.

Creative Dance Wentzville, Missouri

Creative Dance/Ballet - Ages 3-5

Students in Creative Dance classes learn the fundamental characteristics of movement through movement games and dance technique.  Dancers will learn about time, space, force, and music as well as ballet steps during all activities.  This is considered a Creative Movement/Pre-Ballet course.

Jazz Dance Lake St Louis, Missouri


Jazz explores the various styles of jazz movement – Hip Hop/Funk, Broadway-style with kick lines, Lyrical, etc.  This is a great way to ‘stretch yourself’ – expanding skills and toning muscles.

Hip Hop St. Charles County, Missouri

Hip Hop

 Hip Hop classes are a great way to get funky and get a work out at the same time.  Express yourself in this class that combines street dancing and break dancing.

Pointe Ballet St. Louis, Missouri


 Pointe is available to students who have been approved by the Ballet teacher and the director.  Students who are accepted must be of appropriate age, ability, and strength levels in order to promote their success as well as physical health.  Students enrolled in Pointe participate in the advanced Ballet class, along with a supplementary/required Ballet class.  These students attend class at least two days per week.